Math Olympiads

Be on the lookout for more info about this in late fall.   Teams will likely practice once a week and compete once a month.  Competitions will be held locally so no traveling required.

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Message to the Parents- From MOEMS:

When will practice be?

  • Fridays 3:15-4:15 Starting first week in September in upper school math room# 227

How are teams developed?

  • Teams are organized by grade level
    • 4-6 Grade Team
    • 6-8 Grade Team In the past we have not had enough interest from this age group to have a team. If we can get 5 kids to commit to this age group we can create a team.
  • Teams may not be only one individual
  • Teams consist of no more than 35 participants

What does the practice look like?

  • Practice Problems given to be solved in small groups in the form of a game- math baseball
  • Multiple representations will be presented and shared as a team
  • Practice Problems will be sent home for homework
  • Homework and specific problems with questions will be addressed at practice sessions

Is this for the entire school year?

  • Yes at least until our last competition date

What costs are associated with participating?

  • $20 per student- This will cover the team’s entry fee and cost of practice material
  • Any addition funds left over can go toward club t-shirt, gear, etc.
  • Additional funds can be determined based on what the team would like the funds to be spent on

What do the contests look like?

Are they able to win awards?

Is there opportunity for a tournament?

  • We will have a family tournament this year in the form of math baseball
  • We are currently looking for volunteers for the spring semester to help us sign up for a local tournament

What day of the week & times are competitions?

These dates are subject to change based on the school calendar and personal needs of the students. Any changes to competition dates will be communicated.

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