2022 The Expedition School Read-a-Thon

At TES, we are crew

We are a READING Crew! 

What is Read-a-thon:

Read-a-Thon is a week-long event that promotes reading and literacy while raising needed funds to support TES classrooms and our community. Funds raised benefit our teachers and students by providing academic enrichment, classroom materials, and teacher mini-grants for classroom projects.

How it works: 

For the 2022 Read-A-Thon event, we will kick off the week with a social at Gold Park on October 27th, including a poster contest where winners are selected through voting – which is open to everyone who comes to the social! 

Reading logs start Friday, October 28th through Saturday, November 5th, students read for as many minutes as possible and record their reading. Further details will come home with full Read-a-Thon instructions.

Earn minutes by reading books, magazines, and enjoying audiobooks.

Read silently, to someone, with someone, or  following along to an audiobook. 

We also ask that sponsors support our readers during the week long read-a-thon.

Pledging and Donating:

There are two ways to make a pledge:

  1. Sponsors can donate a flat monetary amount (no matter how many minutes the student reads, the sponsor will donate that specific amount. Example: $100 donation regardless of total minutes read).


  2. Sponsors can pledge to give a per minute read (for example,

    $0.10/minute; student reads for 300 minutes, sponsor owes $30.00).

    Sponsors can be parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, anyone who wants to encourage young readers and raise funds to benefit TES classrooms and students – every dollar makes a difference!

We have a TES-CA PayPal option available to make donating even easier! Use the donate button to the right (don’t forget to fill in the student’s name, grade and teacher). Please feel free to share the TESCA PayPal link with others who may be interested in supporting our cause!!


This year 5% of funds raised will support PORCH Hillsborough, an all-volunteer hunger-relief organization founded in 2011 to fight hunger in northern Orange County.

Collect donations from anyone who wants to encourage your reading! 

Enter minutes and turn in pledges by Tuesday, November 8th!

**Please include student’s name, grade & teacher on the payment page**

Questions? Email Ashley Trahan at fundraising@tes-ca.com