By joining this Facebook group, you agree to abide by the spirit, policy, and rules of the TESCA Facebook group as described here. Please read this document carefully.


The TESCA Facebook group provides a private discussion area for TESCA members, and for invited guests who support the TESCA mission.

This is a “Closed” Facebook group, which means that only members of the group can view the discussions, see the photos and contribute to the page. Facebook does, however, publically list the members of a closed group.


This group is open to all current TES families, teachers and staff.  Membership is restricted to encourage community building and discussion of our children and their experiences.


Group members must agree to promote a positive, safe, and welcoming environment for discussion.

Each group member is responsible for ensuring that his or her own behavior promotes these goals regardless of the behavior of other members.

Those who intentionally insult or intimidate others, engage in sexual or other types of harassment, or impersonate any person or entity will be subject to suspension or removal at the discretion of the group administrators.

While all members are encouraged to make individual posts, we ask that only group administrators create EVENTS.  EVENTS are limited to TESCA-sponsored activities.  If an individual member were to create an event that is not a TESCA-sponsored activity, group administrators may remove the EVENT.  If you would like to create a TESCA-sponsored activity, please contact a member of the TESCA Steering Committee.


TESCA welcomes announcements of persons or groups whose missions are in line with those of TESCA. However, posts that are deemed to be primarily commercial in nature, or that repetitively advertise on behalf of a product or service, may be removed.


Avoid Hijacking a Thread. Be respectful of others’ discussions. While conversations naturally take various turns in real life and online, and will usually be allowed to progress organically, please be considerate, stay on topic and do not attempt to change a thread to a different topic. If “hijacking” occurs, the administrators may delete inappropriate posts.

Take Personal Issues Off the Group. If you have a private beef with someone, discuss it privately—not in the TESCA Facebook Group.

Avoid Excessively Crude Language. Comments that are of a political or sexual nature can be expected within the context of discussions that are broadly relevant to the group. However, this is a diverse community in terms of age, background, ethnicity, and personality. Although profanity is a valid means of expression, a barrage of vulgar language can be off-putting to many. Exercise some restraint.

Also keep in mind that although this is a “closed” group by Facebook’s definition, the Internet is never perfectly private. Don’t post anything here that you really don’t want everyone else to read, now or in the future.

Don’t Flame the Administrators. If you don’t like how the TESCA group does things, privately message the administrators. We do our best to keep things running smoothly and to make this an upbeat, friendly and interesting environment. All complaints and suggestions will be considered by the administrators unless they are public flames. It sometimes takes time for administrators to discuss issues and respond with a decision—but we do pay attention to member input.

Enforcement of the “Rules”

Our group strives to be open and fair, and the administrators really expect our job of “moderating” this discussion group to be limited.

Following are our guidelines for moving and/or removing posts, threads, or subscribers:

1) Administrators can, at their discretion, move or remove a message post that falls outside the above guidelines for the discussion board.

2) The administrators may send a message to the person whose discussion has been removed, or may not, with discretion and personal safety concerns in mind.

3) The administrators will notify other administrators that the message board has been altered and why.

4) Repeat offenders and obvious trolls will be subject to removal from the group if a majority of the administrators agree to do so.

When major decisions of policy or discipline are necessary, the TESCA Steering Committee has final authority. Such decisions may include changing the name and purpose of the group, electing new group administrators, forming alliances with other organizations, and removing group members for violations of the terms of service.

Facebook Grievance Policy

When our families joined this school, we agreed to live by and model the TES Values, which can be found in the TES Values Blueprint

 Our behavior in this FB group is no exception.  We must act with integrity. That means we need to:

  • Approach others as if they have good intentions
  • Talk through problems and misunderstandings respectfully
  • Own the impact of our actions
  • Be honest and trustworthy


There should be no “Airing of Grievances” here.  Grievances should be addressed in accordance with the school’s Grievance Policy. 

Complaints about specific issues should be discussed with the people below first, then escalated as per the Grievance Policy:

  •  Classroom instruction, lesson plans, grades:  Your child’s classroom teacher
  • Specials Instruction: Your child’s specials teacher
  • Conflicts among students:  Student Services Coordinator, Jessica Roney, or Director of Business and Operations, Patricia Brummitt
  • EC Testing or Accommodations:  Student Services Coordinator, Jessica Roney, or EC Director, Julie McCauley
  • School policy: Director of Education and Curriculum, Tammy Finch
  • Wednesday Clubs: Director of Business and Operations, Patricia Brummitt
  • TES Sports:  Director of Business and Operations, Patricia Brummitt
  • Medicine Distribution or Illness at School:  School Nurses, Nicole Splenda or Alison Quillin
  • Carline:  Director of Education and Curriculum, Tammy Finch or Carline Maestro, Coach Tym Cleve

A list of the administrators of Facebook can be found by clicking on the Members link to the left on the Facebook page.