The Hospitality team aims to express gratitude and appreciation of all TES teachers and staff. Efforts include compiling a list of staff favorites (shopping, hobbies, activities, and food preferences) and organizing special events throughout the school year. Typically, one hospitality event occurs each quarter, but opportunities to say “thank you” are encouraged and can be led by families throughout the year. Quarterly events include the following:

Quarter 1: Welcome Back Breakfast

To support TES staff as they launch the new school year, TESCA provides a breakfast one morning during the first week of school.

Quarter 2: Thanksgiving Pies

This well-loved tradition distributes a pie to all staff members prior to Thanksgiving break. Due to ongoing health concerns related to COVID-19, pies are secured through a commercial source instead of being baked by families. See below for more details this years event.

Quarter 3: Valentine’s Day Lunch

TES staff show love and kindness to our children each day. This Valentine’s Day Lunch enables a way for families to show their love back to TES by providing them with a delicious meal. We love TES!

Quarter 4: Staff Appreciation Week

As we get closer to wrapping up the school year there is so much to recognize and celebrate. This event is typically the largest appreciation event of the year and involves special activities for each day of the week. 

2023 Thanksgiving Pies for Staff

TESCA plans to continue our tradition of distributing pies to all staff prior to Thanksgiving.
These pies will all be secured through a commercial source. The primary source for this year’s pies is the fantastic Kimberly Mayer from Kim’s Bake Shop at the Wooden Nickel. She has developed a mouth-watering menu of pies this year and we are excited to partner with her for this event. Although Kim cannot accommodate specific dietary requests and all her crusts contain gluten, we will purchase alternatives from commercial sources for those who need them.
In addition to donating a big chunk of the proceeds from the staff pies back to TES, Kim’s Bake Shop is offering a special discount for TES families! You can order for your own family at a discount of 15% and the amount of the discount will go back to TES! See Kim’s note below for details.


To contribute towards the $1500 we need to raise to provide the Thanksgiving pies for staff, use this PayPal link and make a note that it is for the pie event. Thanks in advance for helping us let TES staff know how thankful we are for them!


A message from Kimberly Mayer at Kim’s Bake Shop:
Hello TES fam!
My bake shop is once again partnering with our school to help send the TES team home with a freshly-baked pie for their holiday celebrations!
And just like we did last year, when you purchase any pies for a teacher or staff member (all listed at $25), we’ll be donating $10 per pie back to the school! In addition I’m offering a 15% off discount to any TES family who wants to order any pies, cakes or goodies for their own celebrations at home, and we’ll donate your 15% savings back to the school too. That way we’re helping the school raise funds, and everybody gets pie!
TES will handle all staff pie orders. To place an order for yourself, just follow the link below to my online order menu and write “TES parent” in the Comments section when you order. The 15% off discount will automatically be applied to your order.
Thanks so much for considering making a pie donation to our awesome TES staff. It brings me great joy each year to bake fresh pies for them, and for so many of you in our local community.
Here’s the order link:
Pie Lady (and TES mom of two),
Kimberly Mayer
Kim’s Bake Shop
111 N. Churton St
Hillsborough, NC

last day for preorders is Sunday 11/19/23 at Noon