Hospitality Committee

Chair:  Bonnie Joubert 

The Hospitality Committee is responsible for welcoming teachers and staff to the TES community and expressing our appreciation for all they do. Members have compiled info from TES teachers and staff regarding shopping, hobbies, sports and food preferences and hope to use this information to honor them throughout the year.  Examples of events include: Pie Day, Valentine’s Day Brunch, and Staff Appreciation Week.

Thanksgiving Pies for Staff 

The time has come again to celebrate our TES staff with PIES!  This is our opportunity as a community to give each TES staff member a pie to take home over the upcoming Thanksgiving break and show our thanks for all they do to support our students and community. 

The TESCA Hospitality Committee plans to continue our tradition of distributing pies to all teachers, faculty and staff prior to Thanksgiving. Due to health concerns related to COVID-19, these pies will all be secured through a commercial source instead of being baked by families. We are asking families to sponsor the purchase of pies instead this year.

The primary source for this year’s pies is the fantastic Kimberly Mayer, from the Wooden Nickel. She has developed a mouth-watering menu of pies this year and we are proud to partner with her for this event.

Please use this PayPal link to sponsor a pie for a TES staff member. You can contribute a whole pie ($20) or any portion that you are comfortable giving. To accommodate families in this busy time, donations towards pies will be accepted until December 5.

Sponsored Pie Tracker

Thank You! We have enough pies sponsored to distribute to all TES Staff who requested!!

Updated 4:23 PM 11/17/2020


Want a Thanksgiving pie for your family too? Order by November 22!

Families will also be able to purchase their own pies at a discount from Kimberly Mayer at the Wooden Nickel. These pies are provided at a 15% discount and 15% of that purchase will go back to TES! Pick up of those pies will be at the Wooden Nickel and arranged with them. See more details below in a personal letter from Kim that follows below.

Hey TES fam!
I’m partnering with the school once again to help make sure all of the awesome educators and crew at our school are able to take home a freshly-baked pie this year for their holiday celebrations. This year, all of the pies will be baked at my newly-opened Bake Shop at the Wooden Nickel Pub in downtown Hillsborough! 
As with last year, the Wooden Nickel has graciously offered to donate a portion of the proceeds from every pie I bake for the TES staff back to the school, which last year resulted in a donation of several hundred dollars back to our school! In addition to that, from my Bake Shop I would like to offer a 15% discount to any TES families who place orders for their own family celebrations this year. The Bake Shop would then donate your 15% savings back to the school as well, that way we are helping out the school in every way we can. And everybody gets pie!
To place an order simply follow the link below, which will take you to my holiday menu and also assist you in arranging a pickup date, etc. At the bottom in the Comments section, please write “TES parent”, and the 15% discount will automatically be applied to your order.

Here’s the link:
Thanks so much for considering making a pie donation to our amazing TES team, and I hope you’ll take advantage and order one for yourself too. It brings me great joy each year to bake these pies for our local community.
Pie Lady (and TES mom of two),
Kimberly Mayer
WNP Bake Shop
111 N. Churton St
Hillsborough, NC