Officers & Committees

The Community Association is only possible because of caring, energetic, and involved parents. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with what is going on with the school, just contact the committee chairperson and offer your time, unique skills, or abilities! The 2021-2022 Steering Committee is made up of 11 elected officers below and volunteers that make up the working committees. Printable contact sheet here.

Steering Committee Officers 2021-2022

Nishith Trivedi - Co-Chair

Monique Mueller - Co-Chair

Scott Weakland - Secretary

Paul Mathews -Treasurer -

Blue Dean- Fundraising
Co-Chair -

Ashley Trahan - Fundraising
Co-Chair -

Kylee Sollien - Communications Coordinator -

Kelly Earp -
Community Liaison -

Maggie Gatongi -
Community Liaison -

Nitya Fiorentino - Room Parent Coordinator K-4th -

Bonnie Jubert - Room Parent
Coordinator 5th-8th -

Working Committees 2020-21

TBD - Social Committee

TBD - Social Committee

TBD - Yearbook

TBD - Yearbook

Dawn Imershein -
Education Enrichment -

Hospitality Committee - hospitatity@tes-ca.comTBD

Monique P. Mueller - Equity Committee -

TBD - Equity Committee

We have a few TESCA Working Committee Chair/Co-Chair vacancies open for this school year. Still want to get involved but not as chair? Please consider becoming a member of any of these committees, you will help the chair plan and coordinate events, volunteer and attend meetings. The help is always welcomed and appreciated. Please email​ to express volunteer interest in a committee.