2023-2024 TES Community Association Elections

We will be collecting nominations in writing until May 9th!

Candidate Information will be due May 12th.

Ballots Will Be Emailed May 15th and Due no later than May 22nd. 


Open Steering Committee Positions

Co-Chair – 1 of 2 Positions Open

Treasurer – Incumbent

Secretary – Incumbent

Communications – Incumbent

Community Liaison – 1 of 2 Positions Open

Fundraising – 2 Positions Open

Room Parent Coordinator – 1 of 2 Positions Open 


Steering Committee – Voting members elected to oversee the operations of TESCA, including anchoring key activities through close collaboration with TES, budget approval, and points of contact for committees.

“The Community Association is led by a Steering Committee consisting of at least ten and no more than twelve elected members. The Steering Committee shall be led by two Co-Chairpersons, two Fundraising Coordinators, two Room Parent Coordinators, two Community Liaisons, one Communications Coordinator, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The Steering Committee may invite a member of the School’s Board of Directors to become a member of the Steering Committee.

The members of the Steering Committee shall serve one-year terms beginning on July 1st of each year except that the Co-Chairs, Fundraising Committee, and Community Liaisons shall agree to serve alternating two-year terms for continuity of leadership purposes (i.e. one new co-chair may be elected each year so that there will be a co-chair with at least one year’s experience). Members of the Steering Committee may serve successive terms.

The Steering Committee shall be tasked with appointing additional committees as needed, drafting a budget to be confirmed by the members of the Community Association, and working with school Teachers, Staff and General Membership to support the Community Association’s mission.”


Open Working Committee Positions


Working Committees – Working with the steering committee member, parents in groups who collaborate with the school to plan and run events such as Cocoa & Cider, Family Day Out, Read-A-Thon, Teacher and Staff appreciation events, Fundraising, Educational Enrichment, and Hospitality or help in other ways like communications!  Not elected, can volunteer for one task or as many as they like. Membership of committee can change at any time. Learn More

Open Parent Lead Positions


Parent Leads – Run a specific event that is important to you with support of a steering committee member and support the TES Community! Not elected, can volunteer for one event or as many as they like. Learn More

Please contact tescaadmin@tes-ca.com for more information on these positions or to submit a nomination in writing. Nominations can also be dropped off at front desk. Please include a short bio and an email.

Steering Committee Nomination Guidelines