Steering Committee Elections 2020-21

Voting has ended for the election. Thank you to all that voted! The results are in for the TESCA Steering Committee 2020-21. Your new officers are as follows:

Steering Committee 1st year Co-Chair: Kelly Earp    
Communications Coordinator:  Kylee Sollien
Fundraising 1st year Chair: Blue Dean
Secretary: Cheryl Schall
Room Parent Coordinator, Upper School: Sophia Pelton
Community Liaison 1st year: Maggie Gatongi

The same individuals who filled positions in 2019-20 in non-vacant or 2 yr positions will be continuing next year, 2020-21. 

Steering Committee Co-Chair 2nd Year– Melissa Stansbury

Treasurer-Paul Mathews

Fundraising Chair 2nd Year– Michael McGregor

Room Parent Coordinator-Lower School- Nitya Fiorentino

Community Liaison 2nd Year- Lindsay Tillet-McKelvey