Available funds will be allocated to committees according to the Approved Budget set forth by the previous year’s Steering Committee. Events and projects budgeted for will still need to be approved before funds are released. The Steering Committee retains the ability to reallocate unused funds among committees and additional funds may be available to an individual committee upon approved request.


Financial activity is reported on each month during the normally scheduled TESCA meetings.

Additional monthly notes

Any questions regarding the financials should be sent to treasurer@tes-ca.com.


Call For Comments


Since its inception in 2014, TESCA – a non-profit 501c3 community-based organization – continues growing our annual operating budget 6 – 12% annually. TESCA uses its financial resources efficiently and effectively, providing constant support to The Expedition School and its families. It now seeks to consolidate all its financial practice, experience, and activities into one clear, concise, and comprehensive Fiscal Policy and Procedure (FPP) manual. This common best practice in the non-profit sector will institutionalize all financial aspects of TESCA within a principal guiding document ensuring:

  • All assets TESCA assets are protected;
  • Accurate financial activity records are maintained;
  • Institute a framework for all financial decision making process;
  • Establish financial operating standards and behavioral expectations;
  • Serve as a training resource for TESCA members; and
  • Ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations.

As TESCA is entirely volunteer based with committee members constantly changing, we would like your input in drafting TESCA own FPP before it is brought before the Steering Committee for review and approval.

Please submit any questions and comments to Co-Chair/Project Lead Nishith Trivedi (Nishith.P.Trivedi@gmail.com).  The Draft FPP – based on best practice FPP used by other professional non-profits – will be prepared for the December TESCA monthly meeting. All questions and comments collected will be included in the appendix with responses from TESCA. Your participation will help TESCA formalize all the financial wisdom it has gained over the years for the future successful benefit of The Expedition School and its community. We look forward to hearing from you.