The Expedition School Community Association

Charter and By-Laws


The Expedition School Community Association (Community Association) is an organization dedicated to supporting The Expedition School (School) and its families. It is based on the premise that the time, talents and energy of families at the School are indispensable ingredients in fostering and maintaining the culture and sense of community of the School.

The Community Association is not affiliated with the School although its members are subject to all of the policies of the School. The mission of the Community Association is to act as an organization through which families, teachers, staff, and the larger community can work cooperatively to support and enhance the educational and social experiences of the children and families at The Expedition School.



Membership in the Community Association is voluntary and is open to the families, teachers, and staff of the School, as well as members of the larger Expedition School community.

Steering Committee

The Community Association is led by a Steering Committee consisting of seven members. The Steering Committee shall be led by a Chair and Vice-Chair, one  Fundraising Coordinator, one  Room Parent Coordinator, one Communications Coordinator, one  Secretary, and one Treasurer.

The members of the Steering Committee shall serve one-year terms beginning on July 1st of each year. As much as possible, the vice chair should move to the position of chair each successive year to ensure continuity.      Members of the Steering Committee may serve successive terms.

The Steering Committee shall be tasked with appointing additional committees as needed, drafting a budget to be confirmed by the members of the Community Association, and working with school Teachers, Staff and General Membership to support the Community Association’s mission.

Filling Community Association Steering Committee Positions



TESCA Steering Committee Chair reaches out to current Steering Committee Members whose terms are ending to determine if the Steering Committee Member is interested in continuing in their current role.      


TESCA Communications Coordinator includes notice in monthly email of Steering Committee positions that are open for the next school year and interested candidates are invited to reach out the Steering Committee Chair or attend a TESCA meeting to show interest in filling a position.


 TESCA Steering Committee positions are filled by interested individuals who meet the requirements noted below. If more than one person is interested in the same role, the TESCA Chair will contact those individuals and see if there is interest in another available position. If necessary, a vote to can be held at the May TESCA meeting for positions in which more than one person is interested.


TESCA Steering Committee Communication Coordinator provides listing of new Steering Committee in monthly newsletter.


The Steering Committee positions should be filled each year with a willing volunteer for the role. A summary table of suggested timelines are included below.

Candidate Eligibility
Individuals interested in serving on the Community Association Steering Committee shall meet the following eligibility criteria:
● Current Member of the Community Association
● Able to pass the background check process utilized by TES for all TES Volunteers
● Willing to sign the TESCA Attestation Document: TESCA Attestation

Filling Vacated Roles on the Community Association Steering Committee

If a Steering Committee role is vacated prior to completion of the term, the Steering Committee will serve notice to the general membership. The Steering Committee may nominate an individual, including self-nomination, for the vacancy. Community Association Members may also nominate, including self-nomination, eligible individuals for the vacancy. The remaining members of the Steering Committee will then vote to fill the vacated position with an individual from the candidate pool. The person selected for the vacated role will remain in the role until the next regular Community Association election cycle

Removing a Community Association Steering Committee Member

Any member of the Steering Committee may resign their role by providing their resignation request in writing to both the Secretary and TESCA Chairs. This request may be delivered electronically or in hard copy.

A Steering Committee member may be removed for other reasons by a three-fourths vote of the Steering Committee Members (i.e., 4 votes).


The Community Association is founded as an unincorporated association of individuals supporting the School. The Steering Committee may from time to time change the organizational nature of the Community Association by amending these by-laws.


The Community Association shall have regular monthly meetings at a date and time selected by the Steering Committee. Minutes of all meetings shall be kept by the Secretary and shall be shared with all members of the Community Association. The Steering Committee may call special meetings at other times as needed. All regular monthly meetings are open to all members of the Community Association and shall be announced in advance either by email or other means selected by the Steering Committee.

Quorum and Transacting TESCA Business

A quorum, at least 4 members of the Steering Committee, must be in attendance at any meeting before business can be transacted or motions may be made or passed.

All Steering Committee members may vote on all proposals presented, even if a Steering Committee Member prepared the proposal being voted on at a given time. A simple majority vote will carry any motion proposed and voted on by the Steering Committee. For each vote, each Steering Committee member will be asked to vote one of the following responses: yes, no, abstain, absent.

Annual Dues

The Expedition School may open an account at a bank or other institution to hold the membership dues and any other donations or funds raised by the Community Association. The chair or vice-chair of the Steering Committee are hereby authorized to open such account(s). The Steering Committee may from time to time create such policies as may be necessary or prudent regarding authority to deposit or withdraw funds from such accounts. The Treasurer shall regularly update the Steering Committee on the amount and uses of those funds.


These by-laws may from time to time be amended at a Steering Committee meeting by a majority vote of the Steering Committee members. Prior to such amendment, the proposed amendment shall be sent to members of the Community Association along with the notice of the Steering Committee meeting in which the amendment will be voted on.

Final March 11, 2024