The Expedition School Working Committee Guidelines 

Summary of each Committee’s job description can be read here.


    A. Each Committee Chairperson  is responsible for :

  •   Recruiting members and maintaining an email list.
  •   Holding, at a minimum, two meetings of the entire committee during the school year either at TES or other public location.
  •   Recruiting committee members to serve as Coordinators of each event previously approved by the Steering Committee.  Two Coordinators are required per event and should be recruited from the general membership of the committee.
  • Submitting content to the Communications Coordinator in order to update the TESCA webpage with current events, photos, and contact information.
  •   Working with the Communications Coordinator to post all approved events in selected venues (newsletter, Facebook page, email, calendar, webpage, etc.) including all blurbs and descriptions of the event
  •   Attending monthly Steering Committee meetings as non-voting members.  One Chairperson from each committee should be present at each Steering Committee meeting.

B.    Chairperson responsibilities can be co-chaired by no more than two individuals elected by each Committee.   The standing Chairperson(s) will facilitate a meeting for each committee before the end of the school year for the express purpose of selecting Chairperson(s).  If more than 2 people are interested in serving as co-chair and a consensus cannot immediately be reached among present committee members, the names of the interested parties will be placed in a container and two names will be drawn at random.   

C.    As soon as the committee is formed and the membership list is complete, the chairperson(s) should contact these members and inform them of the nature of the committee and what will be expected of them as members.

D.    The chairperson(s) of the committee should seek ideas from all the committee members for future activities and events.  Committee selections will be made by a simple majority vote.  Those selections will then be submitted to the Steering Committee for final review.



A.    One of the core values of TESCA is participation.  Therefore, it is important that each committee solicit and encourage input from each member.

B.   Each committee should meet in person a minimum of twice per school year.

C.   Committee meetings should occur in a public place.  TES is the preferred location for committee meetings

D.    The time and place of all committee meetings should be published via community-wide

email and the TESCA Facebook page; preferably giving at least two weeks advance notice of said meeting. 

E.    Committee meeting minutes should be taken and submitted to the Communications

Coordinator for publication on the TESCA website.

F.     Each committee should submit a proposed Calendar of Events for the following year to the

Steering Committee for approval each spring.

3.    EVENTS

A.    As proposed Events may require input from various sources, including TES administration, the Steering Committee retains the responsibility of approving all proposed Events.  Each event should be pre-approved by the Steering Committee as part of the annual Calendar of Events approved in the spring of the previous year.

B.   There will be two Coordinators of each event.  In the event that the two Event Coordinator positions cannot be filled from the general membership of the committee, one Chairperson may serve as an Event Coordinator.  The other Event Coordinator position must be filled by a volunteer member of the committee (not a Chairperson).

C.    Event Coordinators will complete an Event Proposal Form for each proposed event and submit it to the Steering Committee no fewer than 2 months prior to the upcoming event.

D.    At least one Event Coordinator is required to attend a Steering Committee meeting when bringing forth the event proposal.



A.    All announcements, fliers, emails and other communiques intended for the TES community should be submitted to the Communications Coordinator and at least one Co-Chair for approval before distribution.



A.    Available funds will be allocated to committees according to the Approved Budget set forth by the previous year’s Steering Committee.  Additional funds may be available to an individual committee upon approved request. 

B.  The Steering Committee retains the ability to reallocate unused funds among committees if needed.

C. Yearbook Committee funds will be protected for a period of 1 year, then released into the General Fund the following year.