Spirit Wear Fundraiser

TESCA is sponsoring a Spirit Wear Campaign this Fall featuring the new TES logo! We have transitioned to completely online ordering and we hope to make this as seamless as possible. 

This fundraising effort will be run from September 15th until Wednesday, September 29th.

All orders can be placed online at www.TESspiritwear.com

Current sale items can be found in the category links at the top of the page and include:

·       Short and Long sleeve T-shirts (adult/youth)

·       Hooded sweatshirts (adult/youth)

·       Pajamas (adult/youth)

·       Water bottle

·       Beanie

There is also an option to provide a donation to The Expedition School (through TESCA) without making a purchase. Donations may be made by either clicking on the image directly at the bottom of the website or by selecting the donation option in the shopping categories across the top of the page.

All orders will be distributed to families in coordination with an already scheduled materials pick-up. More details about order pick-up will be shared once all orders are received. Provided there are no COVID-related order fulfillment or shipping delays, it is expected that all orders will be received within 3-4 weeks of order placement.

Any questions or concerns may be directed to fundraising@tes-ca.com