Odyssey of the Mind Team:

Dawn Imershein   Contact odyssey@tes-ca.com with any questions

Below are some photos of OM teams working on their creativity skills, script writing, set designs, prop and costume building and most of all learning how to work with one another on a team.  All the while, they have to do everything themselves and can’t get help from parents or coaches. There is a very strict rule in OM for No Outside Assistance!  It is a tough task, but they are hardworking kids.  The NC Regional Tournament usually takes place in March, the NC State Tournament is usually held in April and the World Finals are held the end of May. These kids work hard all year long to accomplish their goals and they have had such a good time working on their creativity!

You can learn more about it at www.odysseyofthemind.com and a cool video here.

Congratulations to our 2022 Odyssey of the Mind Teams! On to Worlds!


The Expedition School is excited to send two Odyssey of the Mind teams to the World Finals Competition on May 23-30th in Ames, Iowa! These kids have been working hard since August to write scripts/songs, create props, sets and costumes and act out their long term solutions – all with no help from any adults (there is a strict no outside assistance rule). The teams are seeking donations and fundraising to cover the team’s room, board, competition fees, transportation, and meals on the trip. The fundraising goal is $21,000 to send 11 kids and 3 coaches. If more funds than are required are collected, the remaining funds will be put into the Odyssey of the Mind budget to be used by the program in the future.

Division 1 – 3rd place: 
Maxie Gillmor, Mairenn Nash, Allison Bourbina, Samantha Ashley, Emmett Rosen-Powers, Alana Coovadia

Division 2 – 3rd place: 
Miles Nash, Oscar Rosen-Powers, Julian Imershein, Landin Tillett, Malina Coovadia

OM Coordinator(s) 

The OM Coordinator(s) have the following responsibilities: 

  • Run information sessions to generate interest/participation in OM.
  • With assistance from existing coaches, form new teams and add new members to existing teams.
  • Mentor new coaches.
  • Payments/registration for OM events (coaches training, skills fair, spontaneous fair, tournaments)
  • Manage the OM budget, fundraising, fee collection and deposit funds.
  • Coordinate T-shirt designs/orders. 

The OM Coordinator can be reached at odyssey@tes-ca.com