Yearbook Advertising Sales 2017-18

Parents: It’s finally all about you!

The time has finally arrived when you have a chance to leave your mark on the world – the TES world, that is. Does your child take a million glamorous selfies and then post a photo of you drooling into a half eaten bag of microwave popcorn after a hard day?  Are you feeling left out? You deserve to be recognized for the magnificent, supportive parent that you are.  We can help.

If you are a professional and/or business owner,  even if you’re a professional whistler, you now have the opportunity to secure an entire page of the highly anticipated 2017-2018 TES Yearbook by purchasing Ad space.  Every student and parent who gazes upon those crisp pages will be reminded of what a thoughtful person you are for years to come. Your name or business name will forever be associated with TES – with excellence.  It’s an opportunity that is truly priceless. Fortunately, we do have a price list.  

Please view the “Yearbok Ad Contract” for pricing and more information.  There is a direct relationship between the number of Ads we sell and the number of pages we can add to the Yearbook.  In addition, your support of the Yearbook through ad sales helps us budget for upcoming years.

Do you have a personal relationship with a local business owner?  Does your employer support education?  Please use the same form to give them an opportunity to bask in the glow of TES adoration.


When do I send/collect payment?

All monies are due at the time of the sale with the exception of ½ and full page ads, which require a 50% deposit. The balance is due in 30 days.  You may send checks with your competed Ad Contract to TES, Attn: Yearbook.

Do you take credit cards or Paypal?
Unfortunately, we are not accepting credit cards or Paypal at this time due to transaction fees.

Who do I make the check out to?
Please make all checks payable to TESCA.

What do you need to create the Ad?
If you’ve purchased a ⅛ ad, we can use your business card. For larger ads, please provide your high resolution artwork via email to  Be sure to note your name and the name of your business in the header.  You may also supply artwork on a DVD, USB, or SD card and turn it in with the accompanying form and payment in the front office.  Please specify “ Yearbook” on the envelope.

Are there any rules?
The Yearook will be distributed to K-8th grades, therefore all ads should be kid-appropriate.  The Yearbook Club reserves the right to decline ads that do not reflect the mission and spirit of TES.