Social Committee: tbd (

If you like engaging with kids and adults alike, if you have a secret passion for event planning, if you just enjoy having fun, this is the committee for you.  The Social Committee members are the partiers of TESCA – we plan them, we attend them, we make sure everyone is having a great time. What sort of awesome events do we plan?  Remember how much fun everyone had a Music in the Park at the beginning of the school year? That was us! Remember when your kids begged you to stop by Gold Park before winter break for cocoa and cider?  Yep, that was us, too. And for you upper school parents who always wanted a window into your child’s social life – that’s right, we put on the winter dance! And if you have never seen the social awkwardness of a middle school dance – you have not lived. We have a great time putting together events to bring the community together in a variety of ways.  Join us – you will not regret it!