Equity Committee-

Co-Chair: Monique P. Mueller

The Equity Committee seeks to assure robust representation and consideration of groups experiencing historic and enduring marginalization (due to their race, ethnicity, gender identity or sexual orientation) in school activities, policies and practices. We achieve this through community programming for minority students and their families, and community outreach to groups underrepresented at TES. Additionally our group compiles existing research evidence, completes new data collection, and directly advocates to the TES Board. If you are interested in participating in our group please email equity@tes-ca.com

Resource of the Week:

Link to 2020 – 2021 Past Resources

As we mentioned last time, for our next Equity Committee discussion, we’re reading the articles, Teachers Are as Racially Biased as Everybody Else, Study Shows found on EdWeekly.com and the article printed in the Washington Post: My son has been suspended 5 times. He’s 3, to further our thinking about how implicit bias perpetuates racism. Please consider reading along with us, and if you’d like to assess your own implicit biases across many different areas, check out this tool from Project Implicit: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.html

If you have suggestions for other resources, email them to communications@tes-ca.com to be added.

Volunteer Needs / Requests:  

The TESCA Equity Committee is still seeking a Co-Chair and always wants and welcomes new members (attend monthly planning meetings and take on project leadership) and supporters (work on short-term projects as available). Reach out to equity@tes-ca.com, and Monique or another member will be happy to discuss the committee, your interests, and the opportunities to help this already wonderful school grow.

Meeting Minutes

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