Arts Committee


The Arts Committee is our newest committee and it is actively seeking more members. This committee is responsible for creating opportunities for the TES community to participate in and enjoy the arts. Last year, we were able to create a beautiful hanging art piece for the entry of the school involving every student. We were also able to collaborate with Tammy Finch to take some of the grades ¾ artwork and make a great mural in the girl’s restroom.

Currently, the committee is planning another art collaboration for our new building, some community art displays, working with the art and music teachers to support a strong arts program in our school, and, many more fun projects. Please take the time to join our email list below to stay in the loop about all of our projects, it in no way obligates you to do anything, but does allow you the opportunity to give us feedback, ideas, and to volunteer if you see something that you would like to be a part of. We look forward to collaborating with everyone to make our school more fabulous!


To get involved with this committee please fill out THIS FORM and we’ll get you added to the email list.