Would You Like to be on the Steering Committee Next Year?

The Expedition School Community Association is seeking nominations for positions in the 2018-19 Steering Committee. Meeting one to two times per month, the Steering Committee is a group of 10-12 parents who create an annual budget, appoint and support other committees (such as Social, Fundraising, Hospitality, etc.), approve proposals for events and more.

Several members of the current Steering Committee would like to continue in their positions next year but EVERY POSITION IS OPEN for nominations. The following committees/chairs have a vacancy.

1. Fundraising Coordinator Co-Chair – help with restaurant nights, Read-A-Thon, Parents Night Out & March Madness
2. Community Liaison Co-Chair – help with Volunteering, Sign Up Genius, Community events & involvement
3. Room Parent- 2 Coordinators – Upper School & Lower School-aid in finding room parents for classroom teachers & relaying info to them
4. Steering Committee Co-Chair – help oversee TESCA operations


Here’s how it works:

·  A 3-person Steering Committee Nominating Committee is tasked with nominating one person for each position.

·  Nominations will be accepted by the Nominating Committee

·  At a TESCA meeting  the Nominating Committee will announce its slate of nominees. Additional nominations are welcome at the meeting. (Nominations will also be made public via newsletter.)

·  An election will be held on May 15th

The new Steering Committee will begin their duties on July 1.


For now, please read through the current position descriptions here. They may be updated slightly before the nomination process begins, but use this as a baseline and start thinking about serving the Community Association by nominating yourself or another parent for the Steering Committee!

Please email rosemary.wellons@gmail.com for more information on any of these positions.