Events and Volunteering

Hello TES families!  This year all events, happenings & volunteer opportunities will be posted at  Please join using this link so you can be sure you don’t miss out on important information regarding our community!  All volunteer positions will be listed on this site.  That means there’ll be no need to keep up with half a dozen Sign Up Geniuses all at once!  Won’t it be nice to have everything in one place?  There are some volunteer opportunities already listed on the site, so please feel free to create an account, logon, and check it out.  The site will be updated with additional opportunities throughout the school year.  Additional volunteer opportunities will include: time in the classroom, providing your teacher with specific materials or supplies, donating your time/talent to a specific project, proctoring EOGs, or helping support a TESCA event.

When you join OurEvents, it is vital you check the box marked MAIN EVENTS and also check any other groups in which your child is involved, like their class teachers and and other specific involvement like Art or Band. In order to join specific groups, click on Settings on the right column, then click Group Membership under TES Settings, here is where you can select the groups you want to join and also if you want emails from those group.

You may change your group memberships at any time under the Settings tab, then clicking the group memberships tab.  Here you may choose to stay a part of a group,  just opt-out of receiving any mail from that group, or choose not to be a member of that group.

If you are not a ROOM PARENT, please do not check the Room Parent box, please go into your settings and uncheck it is checked.

Please know this site is private & only those with the join code can join & see the contents.
The FAQ are extremely helpful as is the support from this site.  Any other questions can be addressed to

The Expedition School requires 1 volunteer hour from each parent each month for a total of 10 hours per parent or 20 hours per family each year. There are a TON of ways to volunteer even if you don’t have time during the school day! Easy things like making copies, stuffing envelopes while you watch television at night, or setup/cleanup after an event.

Amy-Jae Crawford is our Community Liaison and Volunteer Coordinator.  Any questions can be addressed to her

In addition to volunteering, there are a number of ways you can support our school.  Some easy ways to support TES can be found on our website here: