Steering Committee Elections 2020-21

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The election will be live starting Friday, May 22nd @12am through June 1st @ 11:59pm. You will receive the email invitation once the election is live.

It is that time of year where the community votes for the TESCA Steering Committee Members for the upcoming school year.  The nominating committee has created the ballot (coming soon) that will be live starting Friday, May 22nd through June 1st @11:59pm. 

This year we are running our election through Election Runner. Each adult will soon receive an email to the email address that is officially registered with the school, including a link to the ballot. Within this email a unique voter ID and voter key will be provided, which will be needed to vote. Only adults may vote and only one vote per person. You will not receive any further emails from Election Runner aside from the initial invitation to vote and voting reminders pertaining to this election, your email address will not be shared.

The steering committee is made up of up to 12 elected officers. The nominees for the
open Steering Committee positions for 2020-21 are listed below ( click here for bios on each candidate.) You will select one nominated candidate for each position or write in someone else who you would like to see fill the role.

Steering Committee 1st year Co-Chair: Kelly Earp 
Communications Coordinator: Michelle Green, Kylee Sullien
Fundraising 1st year Chair: Blue Dean, Sarah Ward
Secretary: Cheryl Schall, Scott Weakland 
Room Parent Coordinator, Upper School: Sophia Pelton
Community Liaison 1st year: Maggie Gatongi

The same individuals who filled positions in 2019-20 in non-vacant positions will be continuing next year, 2020-21. Those continuting in the 1 year positions still need your vote. 

Treasurer-Paul Mathews

Room Parent Coordinator-Lower School- Nitya Fiorentino

If you do not currently hold an email address or have one registered with the school, please use the contact form below and we can contact you via telephone about an alternative method for voting.