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🎉 Congratulations to eighth-grader Keira Linnane on winning the 2019-20 Yearbook Cover Contest! Keira’s entry, a dramatic drawing of an arm and fist tightly gripping The Expedition School compass logo, received the most votes from TES students during Cover Contest voting in December. 
Keira also creatively captured the theme of this year’s contest, “TES: Shaping Your Future,” in which students were asked to use geometric shapes as key elements of their artwork. Overall, the entries in this year’s contest were impressive, especially with nearly 50 students participating – double the number of entries from 2018-19!
Keira will receive a $75 gift card and a free yearbook for winning the contest!
🎉 Congratulations also to seventh-graders Matthew Czar and Evie Becknell, who finished second and third, respectively, in the contest. Matthew and Evie also did a great job incorporating geometric shapes into their drawings, and their creative use of eye-catching colors made their entries stand out. 
For finishing second, Matthew will receive a $50 gift card and a free yearbook, and for finishing third, Evie will receive a $25 gift card and a free yearbook. 
Thank you to all the TES students who submitted entries for this year’s contest! Your artwork was amazing, which surely made voting difficult!
All Cover Contest entries will be included in this year’s yearbook.

2016-17 Cover Winner

Deanna Weiher-Getty 7th Grade

2017-18 Cover Winner

Luke Pollard 8th Grade

2018-19 Cover Winner

Mazzy Carey 5th Grade

2019-20 Cover Winner

Keira Linnane 8th grade

Yearbook Coordinators

The Yearbook Coordinators lead production of an annual yearbook for TES. Responsibilities include: 

  • Setting a theme and managing the student cover contest, including prizes; 
  • Working with the TES administration to take pictures of school activities; 
  • Designing all pages; 
  • Working closely with the school photographer and with the production vendor; and
  • Managing all sales and distribution. 

All yearbook proceeds support TES-CA activities. If you are interested in helping with any aspect of this process,  please email yearbook@tes-ca.com.