Room Parent Committee Co-chairs:

Nitya Fiorentino and Robyn Czar

Welcome back to school!  As Room Parent Coordinators, we will be working as representatives of the Expedition School Community Association (TESCA) to help parents who choose to volunteer as a Room Parent for one or more of the classrooms.  Our role is to serve as a liaison between the Room Parents and TESCA/ Administration.  Nitya Fiorentino will serve as the Room Parent Coordinator for the Elementary School, Art, and PE.  Robyn Czar will serve in this role for Middle School, Spanish and Music.

Are you looking for a  great way volunteer in the classroom? Are you hoping to play a supportive role to your child’s teacher but aren’t sure where to start? GREAT NEWS! We have the answer for you! You have the opportunity to volunteer to be a Team Parent in your child’s class!

Being a Team Parent is a great way to learn about TES, meet other parents, get to know school staff (and TESCA members), and socialize with people who are invested and involved in your child’s success. Volunteering as a Team Parent can also be a great example for your child – this is an excellent illustration of the the benefits of giving back to your community!

Team Parent Responsibilities

What is a Room Parent?  A Room Parent is a parent who is willing to help a teacher with various needs/activities in the classroom.  This list of needs might include sending out weekly classroom updates, communicating school and TESCA announcements to parents, organizing volunteers for field trips, class events, etc., organizing classroom volunteers (days, times, etc.), maintaining task lists for classroom volunteers, and/or soliciting supplies, donations, etc. from parents. The list of needs will really be up to the teacher and room parent to negotiate.

How will we decide who is Room Parent if we have more than one offer?  There are many opportunities for parents to volunteer. We will decide the room parent position based on a first come basis.

What tools and support will I receive if I decide to be a Room Parent? 

  • Room Parent Coordinators- Room Parent Coordinators will be here to help with anything you need and hopefully provide some suggestions from other Room Parents along the way. TESCA will check with the Administration as needed to address your questions and concerns.
  • Team Approach-Although we are looking generally for one Room Parent a class, we do suggest that the Room Parents for two classrooms that work together/ team teach join to provide help to both classrooms. The goal is that this will decrease the overall load for each Room Parent and be more effective for the teachers.
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Who do I notify if I decide I want to be a Room Parent?  Please email Nitya Fiorentino for elementary or Robyn Czar for Upper School if you are interested.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you and can’t wait to get started!

Room Parent Handbook 2018-19

For teachers and parents, it’s full of useful information, formed letters, ideas and more….