Steering Committee Responsibilities

Chair Person

  • create meeting agendas and distribute to Community Association and Steering Committee members in advance of each meeting
  • preside at Steering Committee and Community Association Meetings
  • oversee and coordinate Community Association activities
  • interact and communicate with the administration of the School to insure that Community Association activities comply with the policies and procedures of the School, this includes providing an advance copy of meeting agendas to the School’s Administrators
  • recruit families as members of the Community Association
  • update Community Association members on activities of the Community Association and events at the School or supporting the School
  • create and maintain a notebook of Community Association and Steering Committee activities and procedures to pass on to succeeding Co-Chairs


  • record minutes of Community Association and Steering Committee meetings and distribute to Steering Committee members and the School Administrators as quickly as possible after each meeting so that identified tasks can be completed in advance of the next meeting
  • maintain a ‘to do’ list of ongoing Steering Committee tasks and distribute to Steering Committee members
  • record any By-Law amendments and update By-Laws (showing the revision date for each such amendment)
  • prepare volunteer recognition certificates for presentation at the end of the year.


  • receive annual Community Association dues and any donations or event proceeds
  • maintain any bank or other accounts to hold Committee Association funds and collect, deposit or pay out funds from those accounts
  • provide regular financial reports to the Steering Committee in such intervals and such form as the Steering Committee may from time to time request

Community Liason

  • work to develop and maintain strong ties with the community (i.e. police department, city council, county commissioners, local press) as approved by the administration of the school
  • serve as a liaison between the community and the school when needed
  • assist with permits and press for social gatherings and fundraising events when needed

Communications Coordinator

  • communicate meeting dates and times to members of the Community Association
  • maintain a master calendar of all Community Association and pertinent School events
  • maintain and update the Community Association website
  • draft and distribute bi-weekly newsletters

Room Parent Coordinator