Association Information

This is where Community Association information can be found. This will include budgets, financial reports, meeting minutes and similar items. Please check back frequently as new items will be added.

Officers and Committees

The 2016-2017 Steering Committee is made up of 9 elected officers

Charter and By-Laws

Description of purpose and rules by which the Community Association was formed.

Steering Committee Responsibilities

Explanation of Steering Committee member’s assumed responsibilities as taken from the official by-laws.

TESCA Financials

Learn how money raised or donated is used and allocated to the different committees.

Community Association forms and templates

Collection of Google docs used by committee members to request events and funding. Also includes suggestions on how to advertise and market your event.

Community Association Meeting Minutes

Archives of Steering committee meeting agendas, mixtures and budget reports.

eNewsletter Archives

Archives all TESCA eNewsletters

TES Board Meeting Minutes

Archives of TES board meeting minutes:scroll to the bottom of page.